The SRC4U was designed to enhance the body’s energetic systems.

With thousands of years of experience to back its claims; the evidence is irrefutable. Qi Gong provides an entire methodology of healing techniques that have been successfully applied for millennia. To utilize Qi Gong is to affect the presence of qi in the body and how it relates to emotional, spiritual, physical and environmental input.

Qi is present in the body from birth. Afterwards we acquire qi through the ingestion of food, from the air we breathe and through our constant interaction with our surrounding environment. When there is imbalanced qi in the body, sickness can be the byproduct. That sickness can be mild to serious, and can eventually reach its ultimate conclusion…death.

The understanding of qi’s impact on the human body has been passed down from generation to generation as the traditional Chinese medical community researched and successfully implemented the use of Qi Gong for both preventive and curative functionality. It is used to affect the flow of qi through the entire body. When there is a blockage of qi in the meridian channels or organs or any part of the body, Qi Gong is used to correct the imbalance and permit qi to flow freely. A regular regimen of Qi Gong movements can prevent the formation of blocked qi flow. Qi flow is also affected by a person’s emotional state, spiritual quietude or lack of and corporeal peace or turmoil.

The progenitor of the SRC4U project is a world renowned Grandmaster of Qi Gong who has essentially taught a software program how to assist the body in proper Qi Gong.

A good diet and regular exercise (we recommend Qi Gong), along with the daily use of the SRC4U Qi Gong enhancer may have a major impact on your daily walk through life.