Frequently Asked Questions

Note: SRC4U Software was designed to work on PC Computers that meet or exceed the minimum specifications. If you choose to use SRC4U software products on Mac computers, you will need to install Parallels software (version 6+) and a Window’s Operating system. To optimize your use of this Transformational 21st Century Qi Gong Enhancement Software, please ensure that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum specifications. System Requirements

Note: If you purchased the SRC4U Premium Portable Stick/Dongle Version, your FREE update with software enhancements is ready for you to download!! FREE Premium Version Update!


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What is SRC4U?

Stress Relieving Companion 4 You is a Qi Gong enhancer that has also been known to enhance a diverse collection of relaxation, stress reduction and exercise programs such as, but not limited to, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and many others. Proper exercise and diet have always contributed to the balancing of each individual’s energetic signature. When the energy is balanced, the immune system is more able to work optimally. This software program was created to merge Qi Gong with 21st century technology. It allows individuals to accelerate their learning curve and tap into the skill level earned through 30+ years of intense study as the author achieved Supreme Grand Mastery and developed the Shun Shen Tao discipline of Qi Gong.


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How Does the SRC4U work?

While much of the details of the workings of the SRC4U are, of course, proprietary; here is an overview. Our research has shown that we are constantly bombarded with negative energy signals emitting from a diverse array of sources; microwaves, cell phones, computers, high tension wires, just to name a few. We concluded that if negative energy signals can be created, the laws of nature must support the creation of positive energy signals. The SRC4U sends positive energy signals to interact with the signals emitted by all human beings with the intention of balancing those signals and creating an environment in which the immune system can operate optimally.


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What is Qi Gong?

The main objective when practicing Qi Gong is the control and manipulation of qi, (energy); with the goal being to regulate and control the qi within the body. In the body, qi represents the unseen vital force that sustains life. The utilization of Qi Gong can involve both a preventive and curative function. It has been known to be effective in improving the effects of many acute and chronic conditions. Ultimately, Qi Gong works by improving the individual’s immunity response, increasing a person’s self-healing and self-recovery capabilities and enhancing one’s self-regeneration potential. In some Qi Gong systems, a competent master can emit qi or manipulate the flow of qi in self and others as a form of therapeutic benefit. Contact a local Qi Gong master for more information on the benefits of practicing Qi Gong in your daily walk through life. Consult our Resources page for more information about Qi Gong, in general, as well as Grandmaster Ashida Kim’s Qi Gong Certification Classes.


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How many versions of the SRC4U are there and which one is better?

There are multiple versions currently and more detailed descriptions of the differences are available elsewhere on this site. Generally, the differences involve the number of screens that may be opened simultaneously, and various additional functions and menus that can be utilized in the latter versions. The versions are: Basic, Premium, Premium Plus, the Professional, Sh-E-motion, eBody, M.A.C.H.1 and the Ultralite. They were all designed for simplicity of operation and are ideal for home use. Some provide more options and were designed for individuals who are interested in working on multiple people or situations and desired more opportunity for detail. Others are niche products for people with specific interests only. The important point to focus on is that all the versions have been used successfully, providing a wealth of anecdotal evidence.


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Can more than one version of the SRC4U run on one computer?

Depending on the specs of your computer, you will be able to open up to 10 screens simultaneously with the Premium Portable USB Stick/Dongle version. See the Systems Requirements page for more details.


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What kind of computer do I need?

Currently any Windows based pc will accommodate the SRC4U. Check the Systems Requirements page for the specific requirements. A Macintosh compatible version is currently not available.


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If I have an old computer with limited capacity can the SRC4U software be downloaded?

Yes. The SRC4U program is on an encoded and encrypted flash drive that can be plugged into any windows-based computer. If the computer is out of date, it will update the computer. Once it is updated, the SRC4U software will install itself. If the computer is fairly old, the update may take up to 45 minutes. There are some different suggested system requirements depending on the SRC4U version you are obtaining. See the suggested requirements page elsewhere on this website.


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What can the SRC4U be used for?

Stress Relieving Companion can be used to send balancing signals to individuals, groups, animals, plants, places and situations. The “Charge” function, included Premium and Professional versions, was designed to instill positive signals into inanimate objects such as water, clothes, business cards, etc. After the most recent update, the Charger has been modified to include people.


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Do I need permission to run this software on an individual or group of people other than through self- usage?

One should always receive permission from person/s or their legal guardian or representative.


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How do I know what to run?

Consult the instructional videos, worksheets, FAQ’s and other information found elsewhere on this website.


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What if I or the individual receiving the benefits of the SRC4U is pregnant?

While the author of this answer would not hesitate to provide requested signals to a pregnant individual with their permission; it should be noted that we live in a very litigious society and it would be prudent to consider all possible ramifications. The nature of the programming has created signals that are buffered and non-antagonistic to all individuals. It should be noted that personal physicians should be made aware that properly balanced signals may dilute the need for certain drug protocols and it would be advisable that they monitor the progress.

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Is the SRC4U safe for babies and little children?

The immediate answer is yes, due to the safeguards programmed into the encoding. In these cases, however, less is more. It is our recommendation to activate shorter rather than longer sessions.


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What about using the software with seriously ill individuals?

The SRC4U was designed to enhance Qi Gong. Proper exercise and diet have always contributed to the balancing of each individual’s signal patterns. When signals are balanced, the immune system is more able to work optimally. With seriously ill individuals, the immune system is generally compromised and not efficient. It will take more, rather than less, to build up the immune system to the point where it will activate the self-healing process inherent in every one of us. Please keep your expectations in line with the severity of the situation; and, have their personal physician monitor the progress.


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In the Name Input Field, you type in a name, a group or a situation. What would be a situation?

A situation is anything that is happening.
Example: People giving a person a lot of negativity at work and stressing the person out. You can type in this working relationship. The working relationship becomes the client, or type “all that stuff at work”. The SRC4U can positively affect the signals inherent in stressful situations. It has been determined after much beta testing that many emotional and spiritual situations involving stress seem to alleviate relatively quickly. Requested signals for physical issues can require more time depending on their severity and duration.


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Can the SRC4U tone the body and get it fit?

The SRC4U uses requested signals to bring the body to a state conducive to positive results. It has been known to enhance a variety of effective exercise and tonification programs. Included in the matrix of the program are a variety of signals that can have a positive effect on fitness by bringing the body into an optimum state of balance.


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How long or short should a session be?

Some issues can clear in a relatively short time; others take longer. Consider the length of time the issue has taken to manifest in its current state and adjust the session time frame accordingly. If you allow the intuitive discernment function of the SRC4U to guide you, your session will be assigned the correct amount of time for the suggested signals to be correctly received. You also have the option of presetting the time frame you desire.


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Can I overdo it?

Each version of the SRC4U has a maximum session time preset. The encoding of the software was also designed to prevent a healing crisis. It has been our observation that most healing crises occur due to the ingestion of cold liquids or solids during the balancing time frame; and so we highly recommend no intake of cold while utilizing the SRC4U and for at least 48 hours afterwards. Because each individual emanates a highly unique signal pattern, on occasion some mild discomfort can occur as the immune system releases toxins into the system for elimination. On the rare occasion when there is more than mild discomfort, the SRC4U can be utilized to counter the negative signals. We also recommend drinking 2 cups of hot tea or lemon water or hot drink of your choice. Drink them as hot as you can comfortably handle. Please use/suggest caution, and common sense regarding drinking anything hot.


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How often should a person use the SRC4U?

It is completely dependent on the results of your sessions. If an issue resolves itself, move on. Long term issues can require long term solutions. It is recommended that emotional balance, spiritual balance and physical notification sessions be conducted on a regular basis for best results. Incorporating the SRC4U Qi Gong enhancer into a daily routine could have a major impact on the desired end-results.


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