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Imagine a software program designed to balance a woman’s emotions by balancing energetic imbalances! How is that possible?

It’s safe to say that George Melville was not alone when he thought that people should fly only if God had given them wings! It must have been a sight to see that first flight.

We’ve come so far with our knowledge and acceptance of energy! Radios, television, computers, cell phones – we accept that they work. We love that they work and they have become such an important part of our lives (try living without a cell phone for a day), but how many people really understand all that goes into making them work?

You might remember the first remote control for television. Remember how you marveled at its capabilities? Or a cordless telephone? No cord! Amazing! Car phones – same thing – Amazing!

The SRC4U and Sh-E-motion are, simply put…the next line of energetic technological advancements and the new way to combat the stress of today’s fast paced world!

There are numerous stresses and emotional energy drains that are unique and specific to women. That’s why Sh-E-motion was designed for women by women.

Wouldn’t it be nice to flip a switch and clear the negative stressors that cause that emotional drain?

Sh-E-motion is simple to run. With a few clicks of the mouse and a few keystrokes, you are done!

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Our software technology helps today’s women balance their emotions, Qi Gong Enhancement is great for doing this.

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