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- Grandmaster David Harris.

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Deaf dog hears again!
A friend of mine had taken her dog to the vet to have its teeth pulled. The dog had been deaf ever since returning home from the vet. How sad it is to call the dog’s name and the dog doesn’t flinch, look or respond. I asked my friend if I could put the dog on the SRC. I ran quite a few of the cocktails and clicked the “FIND” button and entered restore hearing to 100%. Wala! The dog is hearing fine and happier than ever. The owner said the dog is so happy – my dog is so joyful! I replied “that’s because I used the happy zap for the dog!” Thanks to all involved in the conception and birth and continuing upgrades of the SRC.
Posted By: P.H.
My Cat is dying!
On Christmas Eve day I called a friend to thank her for a present she had dropped off for me at my office. I could tell something was not feeling right with her voice and I inquired with her if everything was ok. She proceeded to tell me her cat was dying. I listened closely and I asked if she was sure the cat was dying or how she came to that conclusion. She proceeded to tell me the cat had not ate or drank for five days and wasn’t moving much at all. She had taken the cat to the vet and the vet reassured her the cat was not in pain and that if she wanted to take the cat home to pass on, she could. She was also given the option to have the cat put to sleep at the vets office. She opted to bring the cat home. After hearing her story, I offered to run the SRC4U for the cat. The lady accepted my offer and said it would be appreciated but she seemed pretty well resigned that the cat was on its way out of this world. I reassured her that if the cat was on her way that the SRC4U would assist with the transition so either way the owner accepted the SRC4U session as a gift and hoped for the best. On Christmas morning, I received a call from the owner of the cat saying I had given her the BEST Christmas present ever! She was ecstatic – her cat was eating, drinking, moving, playing like it used to. Today I followed up to make sure all was well with the cat and the woman says “she’s eating like a trooper : and back to normal! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU DID.
Posted By: P. H.
My kitty Gato woke up with an oozing eye and it got worse..
as the morning went on…I ran a session on him and within an hour his eye was cleared up and he is back to his playful sweet self…amazing! I never had results this fast with other similar technologies, and I have worked on a lot of animals over the past 6 years. Thank you God!
Posted By: H.R.
Mollee (a one year old Yorkee puppy) got very sick throwing up green stuff and…
bleeding from the rectum. She was taken to the vet, and I immediately began an SRC4U session for her. The vet gave her antibiotics, and the SRC4U did its thing. It seems Yorkee’s are prone to liver shunts. I researched this issue and included all that I learned in the SRC4U session. Mollee was pretty sick for a whole day and all we could do was make her comfortable. I ran her on the SRC4U about 2 times for 2 days. By the second day Mollee was a frisky puppy again thanks to the SRC4U. Even the vet was surprised that she got well so fast since having a liver shunt is quite serious. They say dogs with that problem don’t live very long but I believe with regular use of the SRC4U that the problem will be completely corrected.
Posted By: M.H.
Horse’ shoulder pain relieved
I used the SRC4U on a horse named Yoda, and there was no noticeable effect. Then I read the cocktail posts and there was one specifically for shoulder issues. I copied it and put it in the large box, because this horse had shoulder issues in his left shoulder. His caretaker came and found him laid out on the ground, and it seemed at first that he was dead, but he was able to get up and his shoulder was much improved. We think that he appeared dead because it was the first time in many months that he had enough relief from pain to actually relax. Thank you, Grand Master David! I should have explained for the non-horsey group that horses are designed to sleep standing up with something called the stay apparatus. Due to the pain in his shoulder, this poor horse had low quality sleep for months, and once he got relief, he had a “come to Jesus” moment.
Posted By: A.B.
Trauma and Stress Free
I’m in California and the central valley gets socked in with fog in the winter. My daughter and I had to go down into the valley (we live in the mountains above it) for jury duty and we knew that the fog was already an issue down there and was predicted to continue for another week.
I decided to type in the dates we had to travel and the problems we might encounter with the weather. I also used the travel issues button. I included trauma and stress related to the whole jury duty thing and typed in that we wanted an easy, stress-free day.
Amazingly, that day was the only day that was not foggy! Our hour commute was great. The day was pretty stress free and we didn’t get chosen for any cases. We even had fun going to the health food store and eating a yummy lunch from their deli.
Don’t be afraid to type in whatever you need. I feel this program is so sensitive that it will pick up the energetics of anything you type in. Weather, situations, stresses….the sky is the limit.
Charge your water, food, clothes, bed, home, car, everything! I charge all of my supplements.
I’m using the pest control. Can’t wait to see how that turns out. Also, using it on my advanced cancer. Will let you know about that in the future. Dr.
Posted By: D.
Quick to Ignite emotionally
This is a lady who tends to get very emotional very quickly over seemingly insignificant issues. I started working on her October 10th and that very afternoon, she felt much better. WOW!
Posted By: K.
Emotional issues regarding Divorce
Yesterday I conducted a SRC4U session on a client and her husband on and off for over 5 hours each. This couple was headed for a divorce due his negativity about everything, total disrespect for women and especially his wife. He did have serious pain issue as well, as he had lost a part of his lower leg in Iraq. Key items I ran were balance emotions, negativity, various pain items, spiritual clearing, childhood abuse(that came up in one of his sessions), and “give respect to your wife” and infection on him. On her I ran “understanding his issues”, “do not be a slave to your husband” and well as “demand respect from your husband”. This morning she sent me text that for no reason at all he made a cup of tea for her and helped her with the dishes…something he had not done for over many years. They ride to work together and she later called me and said there was hardly a negative word out of him. (he had started some negativity but she asked him to stop it and he did!). What great result !!!!!
I loaded all sorts of items when I did each of their various sessions the old way of “less is better ” DOES NOT APPLY TO SRC4U. Thanks God.
Posted By: H.R.
Teen age daughter is very very difficult
and refuses to do anything to help at home and is really abusive to her Mom. I have been assisting her with the SRC and her Mom wrote me this note…
“On Thursday, I couldn’t believe my eyes! She had, of her own accord, taken my wash out of the washer and hung everything up so nicely to dry. This is so unusual. She normally hates to be touched by me or anything of mine. I am just wondering if you are running her workouts 3 x /week or how often.”
Her daughter slips in and out of old behaviors and so requires some long term work. I am running her 3 times a week and she is not running away from home now and is less and less depressed and suicidal. Just clearing out the old energetic emotional thoughts being held in her energetic fields. YES I do call my sessions WORKOUTS. It is all Qi Gong workout energy… Thank God for all the blessings.
Posted By: J.B.
Young man that was dumped by his girlfriend
He was hit pretty hard emotionally and on top of that she works in his office. As you can imagine it was pretty tough on him. I just received an email and he is doing great and has even gone out shopping for new clothes the first time in months. He is back on track now. I used all the emotional panels in the SRC4U plus charged his clothes with peace, joy and happiness. This is so life changing for so many.
Posted By: M.H.
The Trauma of Freeway Driving
Last Friday a woman called me from Calf. (I’m in Texas) and was very shaken. She had been going 70 mph on one of the multi-lane freeways when a car in front of her suddenly braked to a standstill because they were about to miss their exit. When she braked, she spun out narrowly missing several vehicles. Her mind was still racing as she was thinking of all the things that could have happened and panic was clear in her voice. I talked to her for a bit and since I was in the middle of some work told her that I would put her on the SRC4U to help calm her. She called me the next day and she had moved into such a place of joy and calmness right after I did the session. She had moved from thinking about the potential fatal effects of what happened to appreciating the fact that she was spared and no one else was hurt.
Posted By: Anonymous
Woman suffered for years
This testimony is of a woman who has had severe mental and emotional problems for about 2 years now. When I first heard about it, which was the beginning of last year, they had already hospitalized her twice in a special ward. At that time she was suicidal and on several medications. I used an old biofeedback device with her for about 2 weeks and she was well enough to come back to church. She was doing so well I just took her off that I discontinued the sessions. Then she got worse. I realized she had not been back to church for several weeks and called her. I hardly recognized her voice as she was so depressed. She told me all she does is cry all day every day, not knowing what she was crying about, and it had been going on for several weeks. She had been to the doctor and he gave her more pills and now was going to a psychiatrist. So I put her on the SRC4U and 2 days later she stopped crying. This stuff started to show up some time after they bought a house which was occupied by the unseen. So not only did I provide sessions for her but for the house as well. I used everything for emotions, spiritual, mental and also used the cocktails from Ray, especially the SCP. I am keeping her on 24/7 this time. I talked to her again today and she sounds normal. WOW She is going out after being home bound for months. She also asked her husband to take her for a ride on his Harley which she hasn’t been able to do for a year. He works, does all the shopping, cooking and whatever else he has to do. He is a great husband so they do not have marriage problems. She told me today that the house was feeling better and she is able to listen to worship and praise music and read her bible which she has not been able to do for about a year. This is what it makes all this worth it. I give Praise to the King of Kings.
Posted By: M.H.
Loves to play the guitar
Harold, age 80, loves to play the guitar and has played since his youth.”] He suffered a fall several years ago that affected the bones, muscles, nerves, etc. of the cervical spine, shoulder, left arm, elbow, hand and fingers. He had lost the ability to bend his left pinkie finger–which prevented him from picking and strumming the strings. He ran SRC4U Premium sessions for two days in a row. He entered “Harold’s left pinkie finger” as the client in the Name Input Field. He made some charged water to address the left pinkie.
On the third day, out of curiosity, he unzipped the guitar case, positioned his hands, and with all fingers (including the previously disabled left pinkie) — he strummed. What a nice Christmas present; now his wife will, once again, get to listen to the strains of “Billy’s mule”.
Posted By: H.K.
Intense Migraine Headache Pain
A couple of days ago my nephew had a migraine so intense…”]he had to make a trip to the ER. I immediately asked him if I could run him on the SRC and he agreed. Later that night I visited with him and he said that whatever I did was very good because his headache was much better – even without the medication from the doctor. Thank you so much, GMD, for this wonderful blessing!
Posted By: N.
Ankle Sprain and Pain
I ended up with a very severe ankle sprain with pain and lots of swelling. This may not seem like much but I was sure delighted. Despite not having any know injury, I ended up with a very severe ankle sprain with pain and lots of swelling and could hardly walk. I ran this issue on the premium version this morning for three hours and then it said I still needed to run it some more. Now 1 hour later, I can walk around normally with only the slightest bit of pain.
Posted By: H.R.
Knee pain / neck stiffness
While I was giving a detox foot bath to a client, I decided to run the SRC4U on my client’s knee pain. By the time the client left, he reported the pain had subsided and that he could feel his neck stiffness also releasing. Interesting how I had not indicated the neck stiffness in the program but it seemed to target that too.
Posted By: K.
Toothache pain and infection
L.D, 39, asked for balancing treatment concerning tooth pain/infection that her dentist advised root canal surgery was essential. Lynn didn’t want to loose the tooth, nor did she want the expense of root canal, nor did she want the pain! Three balancing sessions were provided. All infection is gone. There is no pain. Lynn has her tooth and her dentist is amazed.
Posted By: D.D.
Kidney issues causes burning pain in feet
A friend from Texas has had Polycystic kidneys and on dialysis three times a week for the last 11 years. The build up of toxins was causing his feet to burn with pain and numbed out. Within three days of running himself with the new “All in Wonder” button the burning pain stopped and he is feeling his feet some now. He is really making use of his 14 day trial and working on himself every day. Told me he has only had one occasion where he felt a mild healing crisis where he had to lay down and take a nap because he was so tired. He is working on getting the money together to buy a system for himself.
Posted By: J.B.
Nightly pain prevents sleep
I had a client with poor sleep due to restless legs, pain in shins, pain in hips, pain in ankles, etc., etc., and the areas changed nightly. I tried everything I could with no results. I had asked GMD for advice and he said to run my programs for 30 days and that didn’t work. Once I got the new version I ran her for 10 days straight. She called and said that her pain at night was gone and she had 4 days of a good night sleep.
Not sure how I can explain this but perhaps with my conscious process out of the way the new program knew exactely where to go.
Posted By: H.R.
After two sessions, he stopped drinking alcohol
I have a client who asked me to work on her significant other’s alcohol issues (with his permission). It pleases me to say that after 1 session his desire for alcohol decreased significantly and after 2 sessions he decided to stop drinking. He is so impressed that he’s telling his friends and has asked for regular maintenance sessions! God Bless everyone associated with this wonderful program!
Posted By: A.H.,
North Dakota
Cancer, top of spine/base of skull
D.L., 69, recovering from cancer at the top of her spine/base of her skull with the assistance of this technology. Dorina recently had to have surgery on a herniation created from prior surgery at this location. Although the surgery was day surgery only she was kept overnight because it was expected to be painful. Dorina had requested that I provide a balancing session Friday evening, the approximate time of the surgery. She phoned ecstatic Monday am to say that she experienced absolutely no pain and refused all medication and had a wonderful nights sleep!
Posted By: D.D.
She found a lump in her breast..
The other day a client called me and asked me if she could have an appointment because she found a lump in her breast. I told her I didn’t make appointments for people coming to my office any more but I did it all long distance. I asked her several questions and she told me where the lump was and that it hurt when she pressed on it. I told her to go to bed and call me in the morning. She called me and I asked her to press the spot that hurt and she was surprised that it was gone and said that the lump was smaller and she felt different all around. I told her to call me the next morning and when she did she said the lump was gone. She was so grateful because she was ready to go to the doctor and have all the tests. She is a happy camper and so am I since the SRC was able to keep her from a lot of heart ache. She noticed the lump about a week ago. I asked her exactly where the lump was and then I looked in the meridian book to find the exact meridian point that was blocked. Hers was “sp17” so I put that in the find box and also put “all meridians for breast”. Also put each one of the following separately – chest/breast, tumors/cysts, infection, inflammation, fungus, blockages, stagnation, virus, mammary, mastitis and lymph decongest. I don’t know if I needed all that stuff but it worked. The next day when she said the lump was smaller but not gone I just used the same cocktail. I usually make a cocktail for someone and save it and put the date next to it so I can repeat it if necessary and then delete when the problem is gone. Hope this answers your question. Thanks GMD.
Posted By: M.H.
Insecticide spray got into my eyes!!
The other day I was spraying bug spray around my property and in the house and the fumes got into my eyes. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it but the next day I was having vision problems. My one eye was red, itchy and swollen. It took me a day to remember it must have been the bug spray. I put myself on the SRC4U – the next day it was better so I put myself back on and the next day it was cleared up. I know if I had gone to the doctor it would have been all kinds of tests and meds. Thank you GMD. We are all learning how to take care of ourselves just like you intended.
Posted By: M.H.
Energized! No longer weak and tired
A friend who had been weak and tired for a month and a half had been to two very powerful healers and she still had a hard time getting out of bed. I asked if she wanted to be a guinea pig for me on this new version. Since she is very sensitive to energy I knew that she could give me great feedback. Several hours later, she called and I could tell her voice was stronger. She said that she could tell the minute I turned it on and she was feeling energized and strong. For myself I’ve seen resolution of several issues.
Posted By: L.H.
Grandson’s life threatened
My grandson had been beaten up and held down by a gang and shot up with some kind of street drug. He is in the hospital and they found an infection in his system that would kill him in 72 hours. David put him in his new upgraded system, you all will get soon, and this morning his color is back and he stopped itching and twitching all over. The hospital is giving him an IV with two types of antibiotics and and.. I do not know. So I bless it all and know he will make it. I am continuing to run him too as he is being treated in the hospital. The hospital labeled the infection a gram negative bacteria that was vigilant and life threatening. All I know is that it was an energy that can be Spiritually cleared. Thank you David, Ray, Kathy, Ralf, for all the work you do. Thank you David for taking the time to care and assist me through this emergency situation.
Posted By: J.B.
Once again I am amazed and had to share.. I was shoveling snow all morning when I got a text.. tried to respond and my right thumb would not work, it just shook and quivered.. kinda freaked me out, so I came inside and worked on it.. It took about 13 minutes and it is back to normal and the whole right arm and shoulder is better.. I had no idea what was causing it so I wrote in ‘I don’t know, just fix it!’ and it did.. once again, I am AMAZED!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!
Posted By: C.T.
Thank you for including the Spinal in the Suggest Corrections of the SRC4U! My spine has improved to a new level. It already saved me some trips to the chiropractor. I no longer have to use the Spinal Program in a biofeedback device I had previously been using, which is gathering dust now.
Posted By: Anonymous
Constant back pain, now relieved!
I must tell you that the new updates to the SRC are miraculous. My 18yr. old daughter had been in constant back pain since July. Some days not being able to walk. C.S. called me one night about 10:30 and told me about the new updates. She was sure they would help my daughter. I down loaded them, put my daughter on, and the next morning she was so much better. She came home from work still smiling and pain free. Oh I’m so emotional now. I can’t even begin to tell you what it feels like to see her smiling again. I must say THANK YOU, and all the founders so much for believing in this technology. Thank you for believing in us the users. Your developments are changing lives, you are making a difference in our would and we are so grateful. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
Posted By: R.D.
The other day I had chest pains. It felt like angina. I looked up in my Essential Anatomy for Healing & Martial Arts book (like GMD taught me) and found the meridian connected to it. In the SRC4U “Find” box I typed in “All meridians for chest area”. Within 10 minutes the pain was completely gone and hasn’t come back. In the old days I would have gone to ER and who knows what would have happened! Thanks GMD.
Posted By: M.H.
Fitness, Overall
Whenever I conduct a SRC4U session I do the Fitness zap, I see a big improvement in my strength and my Fibromyalgia pains are getting better. I actually feel like doing more physical exercise.
Posted By: Anonymous
Infant responds quickly
My grandson turned 6 months old today and I have been babysitting him during the week since he was 2 months old. He was on a waiting list for a Montessori Nursery and the parents and I felt that this time with me would help with the transition.
I was slow to start using the SRC4U on Finn. He had digestion/constipation challenges which were resolved. within a day or two. I’ve also used the charging function to relieve pain of teeth. He is behind in upper body strength and he’s supposed to spend lots of time on his tummy. When I worked on tonify and strengthen upper body he immediately starting tumbling and pulling himself around on his mat.
It is amazing to see how these young people respond quickly without resistance to the process. I’m always careful to limit his sessions to 30 minutes while using the All in Wonder button. I use the charge function on his formula for as many things as I can think of.
I’m ready to get back to more focus on my work and spreading the word about the SRC4U but I’m also very grateful for this bonding experience and time of healing for him.
Posted By: L.S.
I have been getting many results with SRC4U
1. A man with toe pain in both toes…when asked, “I no longer notice it”.
2. A man with a lot of pain in both elbows, been thru therapy for many months and also causes him trouble sleeping…the pain increased a couple weeks ago for about a week and now has decreased substantially and he reports no more problems with HIS sleep. However, does want me to work on his wife’s snoring! LOL His eyes are very light and bright.
3. An alpaca with fly bites which have caused skin issues…saw her last night after a couple of weeks: one spot the is fiber growing back and the crusty skin is no longer attached, ready to come off with just a bit more time. Other, bigger spots, fiber is also growing back.
4. Reinjured dog with hip dysplasia (operation last year), could barely walk again this year…is now running like nothing ever was wrong – only after a few days!
5. Aspartame addiction GONE on a woman with supposed “diabetes”…we will be working on that next!
Posted By: T.J.
Experiment: Do You Feel Better?
I ran an experiment this weekend with a few of my clients. I asked them to call me and see what kind of results we could get…8 out of 8 felt better before their time they chose was up…WOW! 6 of them have not been worked on with the SRC4U before…they have all made appointments:)Love it!
Posted By: C.T.
If You Want to Be A Healthy Boomer, Study Qigong
In my personal experience, GM David’s energy and power is both amazing and unparalleled. When it comes to energy, I have studied with two Qigong masters in the past, both exceptionally skilled, each in their own way. This is compounded by his well delineated level of Spiritual development and accomplishment.
Posted By: M.B.
Clear and Visible results
I used it free for about a month with clear and visible results and I benefited enormously. SRC4U is to energy measuring what Hummingbird wings are to flying. I used the program for several energetic corrections that made me feel much stronger and far more calm, peaceful, naturally happy and physically fit. I also used it on my daughter for various issues and the change in her is quite clear. Everyone sees the difference. What a tool!
Posted By: A.B.
You all have done some wonderful work…
I have loved it and helped many with the program’s capabilities. You all have done some wonderful work in creating such a great device/program. I admit I was concerned at first about the price, but when I came to understand the profound abilities I had via the program to help myself and others…those concerns were quickly put to rest.

I thank you and the good people at SRC4U for creating such a device for the betterment of humankind, and I wish all of you continued success in your wonderful creations to that end.
Posted By: P.J.Z.
Pollock Pines, CA
I had the premium demo, that expired, so I was using the SRC4U Ultra Lite. While it is great, I really missed the Premium so I bought it as fast as I could. Very happy with the purchase.
Posted By: C.C.
I have been using the program this evening and it is awesome!!! It zeroes right in on what I believe to be the priority items.
It’s absolutely amazing!! I hope you can tell just how excited I am!!
Posted By: D.H.
Ottawa, ONT Canada

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