Note: To optimize your use of this Transformational 21st Century Qi Gong Enhancement Software, please ensure that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum specifications. System Requirements

Note: Once you have filled out any of the various contact forms on this site, and then click the “Send” button, you will receive an email from us providing you with the requested information. If you are using any type of Spam arrest or similar email filtering software that prevents our emails from reaching you, (such as, but not limited to “Spam arrest”, “Earthlink spamBlocker” and the myriad of others…) our emails will be rejected at your end, and you will not be able to receive our responses, including those that provide SRC4U software download links. Register our domain names: and with your email client to ensure our emails reach you.

Please help us to provide you with Faster Response Times from the right department by making your choice from the following options:

Technical Support

“Contact Technical Support for technical issues / problems with SRC4U software products “

“I need Technical Support with the SRC4U software”

  • installing the software / software installation on my computer
  • I installed the program, but can not access it
  • SRC4U Software Updater Program
  • updating my software / loading / installing my new update
  • error messages (error #5, error #13)
  • it says I am logged in, when I am not
  • I can’t open my additional windows
  • I think my USB flash stick/ dongle is defective and may need to be replaced
  • any other SRC4U software Technical Support issues not listed here

Please fill out a SRC4U software Technical Support Service Ticket. If the page does not load properly, then copy and paste this link into your internet browser:

I forgot my password — Help!

Launch the software for which you need the password (e.g., Ultra Lite, Premium Demo, Premium Online, etc.). Sign in with your login email address. Click the “Forgot password?” link, complete the request, and your password for that product will be emailed to you.

Account Support for both Online Subscription accounts and Dongle purchases


“Contact Ray Foley regarding account information”
“I need Account information about”

  1. ordering a dongle product
  2. financing a dongle product
  3. status on the shipment of my dongle order
  4. cancelling my online subscription
  5. adding a window to my online subscription
  6. deleting a window on my online subscription
  7. any other online subscription or dongle product account issues

Please fill out the form to contact Ray Foley for product account information

Questions about how to use any SRC4U Qi enhancement software product

“Get answers to your questions about using SRC4U software products”
“I have a NON-Technical Support question about:”

  1. SRC4U Premium software use (including dongle, online subscription, two-week FREE Demo)
  2. SRC4U Premium Plus Scheduler software use (including dongle)
  3. Sh-E-motion software use (including dongle, online subscription, two-week FREE Demo)
  4. SRC4U Basic software use (including online subscription, two-week FREE Demo)
  5. SRC4U Power Pack software use (including dongle, two-week FREE Demo)
  6. eBody4You software use (including dongle, online subscription, two-week FREE Demo)
  7. Help Manual for any product
  8. any other SRC4U software usage issues not listed here

For assistance with any of these NON-Technical Support issues, please visit the SRC4U Chat Forum, read the posts, search the posts, submit your own post. If the page does not load properly, then copy and paste this link into your internet browser:

Share My Testimonial About Using SRC4U Software

“Share My Testimonial About Using SRC4U Software”
“I have used the SRCU Software and have had Great Results!! I would like to Share my Testimonial with others”.
Testimonial Submission Page

Report website issues to the Webmaster

“I want to report an issue with the website”
“I want to report a broken link”.
“I get a “404 – Not Found” error message when I click on a link.”
“There is a mistake on a page that you should know about.”
“I would like to make a suggestion or comment.”
“I would like to pose a question.”
“I would like to report a problem with the website.”
Contact Form — Webmaster Submission Page

Questions about anything not mentioned on this list?

Please fill out the form to contact SRC4U for information not provided elsewhere on this page.