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So many things were thought to be impossible, but not anymore. Can you imagine what it must have been like to be at Kitty Hawk when the Wright Brothers flew! How did they do it? Very few knew or understood aerodynamics. But wouldn’t the Wright Brothers be surprised to see where flight is taking us today? 21st century computer technology is like flight. We are now able to enhance the ancient art of Qi Gong with the SRC4U software program. Like the Wright Brothers, wouldn’t the ancient Qi Gong masters be amazed by technology and how it is applied to and enhances Qi Gong? All of the SRC4U programs are simple to run. With a few clicks of the mouse and a few keystrokes, you are done! Setting up a program can be completed in less than a minute and you are on your way with the rest of your day! No need to babysit the program! To really experience the positive effects of Qi Gong enhancement, we suggest that you run yourself for a minimum of 2 hours a day for 30 days – no matter which of the SRC4U versions you choose. A regular regimen of Qi Gong enhancement along with a good diet and exercise may have a profound effect on your daily walk through life. Want to know more about the benefits and what others are saying? READ OUR TESTIMONIALS! 


SRC4U merges the ancient art of Qi Gong with modern computer technology into a first to market software program that is easy to use and easy to own. Personally experience the SRC for yourself and those close to you. Discover a new system and a new way to reduce the effects of the stress of today’s fast paced world!A team of brilliant minds stepped beyond the boundaries of current 21st century technology. Spiritual Real Time Correction 4 You (SRC4U) is a Qi Gong enhancing software program merging Qi Gong with 21st century technology. The discernment and clearing processes return you to the perfect blueprint of who you are and the reason you are here. SRC4U sends positive energy signals to interact with the energy of all human beings to balance their energy and create an optimal environment. The program matrix includes a variety of signals to positively affect fitness by bringing the body into an optimum state of balance. This improves the individual’s immunity response, increases self-healing and self-recovery capabilities, and enhances their self-regeneration potential. Emotional balance, Spiritual balance and Physical tonification sessions are recommended on a regular basis for best results. Incorporate SRC4U Qi Gong enhancer into your daily routine for major impacts on your desired end-results.

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