This is the elite SRC4U software package.

The Professional was designed to be used in a clinical setting where 30+ windows facilitate sessions involving multiple clients.

On one portable unit you will have 10 windows of the Premium, 10 windows of the Scheduler (Premium Plus) and a separate 20 window tool box with 20 different tools.

The Professional tools are: Issue Solver, Elemental Scanner, Dispenser, Recharger, Aura Scanner, Field Generator, Acupuncture Panel, Emotions Panel, Super Charger, Qi Gong panel, Sustenance Balancer, Mediator, Yes Therapy, Light Panel, Timeline, Soul Imaging, Pathogen Panel, Reiki Panel, Prayer Warrior and a Pro Tool Selector that automates the whole decision process.

While geared for the professional, this software program will appeal to individuals who assist many friends and family.

Disclaimer: Remember that the SRC4U software is not a medical device and it is not biofeedback. We do not heal or cure or diagnose anything.

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